Healthy Organic Dark Chocolate by ForeverGreen

24 karat Chocolate by ForeverGreen is Finest Gourmet Chocolate

Most people are familiar with the concept of 24 Karat gold as being the purest and most valuable form of gold. Most do not realize that originally the Karat system was applied to salt and referred to it's purity. In ancient times salt was a medium for trade, a catalyst for wars, and a form of currency. There was 5 Karat salt, 10 Karat salt etc. depending on the the amount of dirt or "dross" it contained. The 24 Karat salt was the most pure, prized and valuable.

ForeverGreen introduces 24 Karat Chocolate, a 100% certified organic dark chocolate. This guilt free, dross-free, chocolate is the premier chocolate available today.


100% Certified Organic "good for you" Guilt Free Gourmet Chocolate

Healthy chocolate just got even healthier! ForeverGreen has created FIXX - complete meal replacements created with pure, organic dark chocolate, organic whey powder plus an array of quality nutrients. Visit our Chocolate Shop for full details.

Organic Dark Chocolate

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Happiest Health News of a Lifetime ... Chocolate is GOOD for You!

Discover the health enhancing effects of GOOD chocolate. Did you know that quality dark chocolate has the highest number of antioxidants, as determined in a recent US Department of Agriculture study?

Chocolate has also been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce oxidation of cholesterol, and relieve depression.

Chocolate continues to enhance feelings of "falling in love" and has been shown to enhance natural libido.

Find out more. Visit our Healthy Chocolate section for interesting articles.